Art professor completes Artist-in-Residence program at Weir Farm National Historical Park

世界杯买球 Professor of Art Sandra 里德 was chosen and recently completed an Artist-in-Residence program May 12-June 11 at the Weir Farm National Historical Park, 位于康涅狄格州. The program is offered through the National Park Service and Weir Farm Art Alliance, and takes place at the former summer home of pioneering American Impressionist Julian Alden Weir, 1882年到1919年间谁住在那里.

Weir Farm is now a 68-acre national park, and the only national park for art. The Weir Farm Art Alliance selects 10 artists annually for its Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program. 里德 is one of over 200 artists from around the world to have been selected for this residency program since its inception in the 1990s.

在她的艺术家驻馆经历中, 里德 lived in the Weir Farm caretaker’s cottage and worked in an adjacent large, 充满阳光的当代工作室, 也可以在户外创造艺术, “en 练习”——在整个公园. She produced numerous works that utilize composite stencils and atomized acrylic ink while synthesizing the practices of 练习 and symbolic abstraction, focusing on both natural and man-made landscape configurations.

“总的来说, this artist residency provided uninterrupted time and a supportive environment for self-directed creative work,里德说. “I chose to apply to this particular Artist-in-Residence  program because it was in a natural setting, 提供住房和一个大, 私人工作室, 这里曾经是一个自给自足的农场. 画室真的很漂亮, situated above a waterway with a wall of windows and deck facing into the woods.

“Discovering the extent to which artistic legacy is embedded in the mission and day-to-day operations of this national park was impressive. 该地区的地质和大量的巨石, glacial erratics and rock walls are other reasons that I wanted to come here specifically. They relate to forms and ideas that are present in my current work, 如当代学者岩石.”

In terms of her own artwork, she said, “I am excited to have synthesized 练习 painting with symbolic abstraction and to have found a process by which to respond to a specific site without describing it. I combined a great variety of positive and negative stencils to create composite forms and visual pathways. I expanded my palette of atomized acrylic ink dramatically and discovered methods to achieve more nuance and variety in its application. It was exhilarating to work in this nontraditional manner in such a history-laden place.”

“The prodigious historical creative activity at Weir Farm was never far from my conscious ponderings and so I grounded myself in the immediacy of this place through senses and intellect. 我参加了各种各样的项目,包括 shinrin-yoku 森林浴”, 艺术与农业之旅, and a presentation regarding new research about one of the tenant farmers who had lived in the cottage that is the AIR residence, 等,她说. “These and other activities deepened my sense of the environmental, social and economic realities that were part Weir Farm’s history and its geology. They also heightened my awareness of Weir Farm as a heavily mediated contemporary site.”

里德 逗留期间,她在纸和画布上创作了大约20幅作品, 从小型研究到完整的文章. A selection of these will be exhibited in Moon Gallery at Berry College in Mount Berry, 乔治亚州, “数组,她的下一次个人艺术展将于2022年10月举行.

Funding for 里德’s AIR project was provided by grants from the West Virginia Department of Arts, 文化, and 历史 and the National Endowment for the Arts with approval from the West Virginia Commission on the Arts, 世界杯买球艺术与媒体学院, 以及世界杯买球德林科学院. 她打算把这些经验运用到教学中去. “These experiences are relevant and inspiring examples for students! I look forward to aiding students in ART 390 专业 Practices this fall in researching and applying for opportunities that fit their individual aptitudes and interests,她说.

当资金到位时, the School of Art and Design sponsors students to participate in renowned residential workshops.

“I encourage patrons of the arts to designate a donation to the School of Art and Design for students to expand their knowledge through inspiring professional experiences in these and other programs,里德说.

想看里德在韦尔农场经历的采访,请访问 = y09hf6jNdog.

For more information about Marshall’s School of Art and Design, visit www.世界杯买球.edu/art.


照片: (上)桑德拉·里德, 世界杯买球的艺术教授,  poses for a photo in front of the Artist-in-Residence studio at Weir Farm in Connecticut during the summer of 2022. (中)六个中的一个 练习 paintings created by Sandra 里德 at Weir Farm in which negative and positive stencils were composited and atomized acrylic ink applied on paper.(Bottom) Marshall Art Professor Sandra 里德 captured a photo of her  练习 work site/set-up after using/making stencils and applying atomized paint during her Artist-in-Residence stay at Weir Farm in 2022.